Exceptional Fabrics

A design house is defined above all by its style. Le Manach fabrics are like the pages of a history book telling the fabulous story of French style. The designs bring the 17th century back to life, take us back to the refined elegance of the 18th century and evoke the splendours of the First Empire (1804-1814).

Luxury – A word to describe the fabrics made by Le Manach. Silk and threads of gold and silver are woven into fabrics of incomparable beauty, elegance and refinement.

With the motto “Cultivating excellence”, Le Manach won numerous awards at the Paris Universal Exhibitions of 1849, 1855, 1863, to name but a few. The aim of these large public exhibitions was to demonstrate and promote a broad spectrum of industrial know-how. Since 1829, Le Manach has been cultivating the taste for beautiful things. Connoisseurs of fine materials understood this, as shown by the number of places decorated with fabrics made in Tours – the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the palaces of Compiègne and Fontainebleau, Vaux le Vicomte, the Getty Musuem, the Grand Ducal Palace in Luxembourg, etc.