The rich heritage of Le Manach textiles is a treasure that is ready for a revival. This is the genesis for the HERITAGE wallpaper collection. Each pattern in the collection is taken from the Pierre Frey archives or iconic collections, including original 18th-century wallpaper, printed percales from the 18th and 19th centuries and genuine ikats.

These prints represent a treasure trove that some will recognize with deep emotion as examples from the golden age of Le Manach.

For these noble designs, it is imperative that the choice of technique be on a par with the aesthetic quality of the patterns. Hand screen printing was the obvious choice. Used since 1970 for exclusive wallpapers, this artisanal process replaces the traditional wooden block printing. The design is broken-down into a given number of colors, each corresponding to a screen that is used like a stencil.

Craftsmen position the frame according to reference marks and pull the colored ink across the screen by hand to apply it to the paper. Drying and printing steps alternate as the process is repeated for each color until the total pattern has been printed. The nuances of tone are highly refined.

This first collection of Le Manach wallpapers thus lays the foundation for future collections, which will always remain true to tradition, history, excellence and know-how.