CompositionPaper: 100%
Colour001 Bleu
Technical specsWeight : 180 gr/m²
Width : 36"
Care instructions
Type of repeatStraight
Repeats :

Vertical: 43,5″
Horizontal: 36″

Paste onPaper
Comments :
This wallpaper reproduces a motif known as "The Drapery" and is printed on cotton with the copper plate technique around 1795 by the Nantes-based manufacturer Favre, Petitpierre and Cie. It harmoniously unites a Chinese figure with a parasol and a bouquet embellished with a drapery in a theatrical style. Perfect illustration of French chinoiserie art where the iconographic European and Chinese elements are mixed together. Screen printing by hand. Available per roll: 4yd
Colours :
001 Bleu002 Turquoise003 Rose004 Kaki