CompositionPaper: 100%
Colour001 Pivoine
Technical specsWeight : 150 g/m²
Width : 27"
Care instructions
Type of repeatStraight
Repeats :

Vertical: 11.1″
Horizontal: 13.5″

Paste onPaper
Comments :
This wallpaper uses a major classic from the House and is printed on cotton: L3673, which reproduces a textile from the beginning of the 20th century. Originally used for clothing and ceremonies, the batik print is done with a tool called "canting". This tool is used to apply wax on the parts of the fabric to be left blank before dying to create a motif. Screen printing by hand. Available per roll: 5 yd
Colours :
001 Pivoine002 Poudre003 Galet004 BleuRouge