Maison le Manach

The Maison Le Manach was founded in 1829 and is celebrating two centuries of textile creation. Le Manach is one of the last French Maisons that can reproduce thanks to its know-how silks and velvets on blackstrap looms.

Its heritage is full of numerous archives that are generating an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

From classicism to a very contemporary decoration, this Maison is always looking forward. And thanks to the uniqueness of the Toiles and Nacrés de Tours concept, limitless possibilities are offered to clients. Those exceptional fabrics can be customized ad infinitum with a large range of colours, variety of designs and thanks to the suppleness of weaving.

In 2006, Le Manach was one of the first French companies to receive the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”, an State honour that underlines French companies preserving hand-crafted and industrial know-how.

Le Manach renown was built through years and its unique know-how, making it very attractive for world-class professionals with distinct aesthetics. Through them Le Manach furnishes historical monuments all around the world, for instance the Manufacture reweaved the green damask in the Eugénie Empress music saloon in the Compiègne castle. Le Manach reweaved as well the dark blue ground with gold and silver weaving lampas in the King of Rome’s boudoir, the brocatelle in the King’s bedroom in Vaux le Vicomte etc.