Pierre Frey: championing French tradition.

Founded in 1935, Pierre Frey is a family-owned firm that has handed down its values and art of living through three generations—a company that has successfully woven the past with the future to create a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Pierre Frey is driven by an unwavering determination to draw on the best that tradition has to offer while continuing to represent the vanguard of new French design—a strategy it shares with the other luxury houses that belong to the Comité Colbert and seek to promote the French ‘art de vivre’ around the world. These are all French brands that have established an international reputation, yet behind their success lie the talents of craftsmen whose daily living is often threatened by globalisation and an obsession with cost-cutting. Outstanding quality comes at a price. To borrow the words of French poet Nicolas Boileau; “Hasten slowly, and without losing heart, put your work twenty times upon the anvil.”

In today’s increasingly virtual world, with its appetite for immediacy, not only do these craftsmen find themselves cast aside in favour of producers in emerging countries; they also face difficulties in attracting younger talent willing to take up a challenge that can require many hours alone with one’s thoughts; a challenge that demands manual skill, patience and uncompromising standards.

This is why Pierre Frey has increased its commitment to safeguard this national heritage by working wherever possible with outstanding craftsmen who embody the finest of French tradition. The aim is to ensure the words “made in France” underscore success for many years to come. Tapestry-makers, dyers, moireurs… all provide a wide range of expertise that contributes to the outstanding quality now synonymous with the name Pierre Frey.

In acquiring Le Manach, the Maison has chosen to preserve and promote the art of weaving on wooden looms made in the 17th century, which are able to produce just one metre of finished fabric per day. An act of faith that reflects our tireless commitment to champion France’s unique cultural heritage.

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